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Trading Again!

So, since 12th April we've been able to trade at markets again!

Its so lovely being out and about meeting our customers, old and new, and you've certainly enjoyed buying Savon de Marseille soaps again, plus the many new additions to our range of goodies!

In case you haven't had the chance to see us yet, we are thrilled to now be able to offer you soaps, shampoo bars and face oils from the following artisan soap makers:

Lather & Smudge (Scotland)

Tanaka (London)

West Dorset Soaps

We spent lock down searching for some of the finest soap makers in the country and judging by the reactions of those of you who've visited us, we've chosen well!

We also have a range of accessories including enamel soap dishes, nail brushes, bamboo soap racks and liquid wood soap boxes.

Plus. and these are proving extremely popular - we've got a fantastic range of French market style baskets!

We plan to be at Salisbury (Tuesday), Bridport (Wednesday and Saturday), Sherborne (Thursday) and Dorchester/Warminster (Friday). Plus various boutique markets on Sundays!

Check out our Instagram page, miggles20, or Facebook, miggles, for regular updates!

So, come and see us soon!

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