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Wall Units!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Ok, when we're at a market, the sign that is commented on most often is the one saying "Soap on a Rope"! it would appear that most people walking past were recipients of this eponymous 1970's Christmas gift!

Well the catchy title belies the actual use that these fine Marseille soaps were intended for.

They are actually made for the specialist units that can be attached to a wall next to your sink, shower or wherever you may need to wash your hands! If you're a fan of James Martin's Saturday kitchen you may well have seen one on his set. Or indeed if you've traveled through France you have probably come across them.

So we now have them in stock in three finishes, Chrome, Copper and Brass. They are only £24 each and you can add a soap of your choice for a further £4.50.

Currently the soaps on a rope that we stock are - Crushed Verbena, Crushed Lemon, Cotton Flower, Rose, Lavender, Grapefruit, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Marine and Raspberry.

You can of course just use them as a "soap on a rope" but we think this stylish wall holders will make a fabulous Christmas present - especially if you are treating yourself!

Buy one on line, or come and visit us at one of our regular markets...Salisbury (Tuesday), Bridport (Wednesday and Saturday) or Sherborne (Thursday). plus The Sherborne Market (third Sunday of the month) and other Sunday markets, shows and events.

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