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Bear with us! We’re just getting going on this on line aspect of the journey of miggles!

As you may know we were formed during that period which will go down in history as the “2020 lockdown”...our aim has always been to sell goods that we would have and use in our own homes. Hence the addition to our portfolio of French soaps!

We have 27 different fragrances at present, including some with exfoliating properties such as the various herb scents, plus snail soap (who knew! - see more info if the product description). All soaps are natural and of vegetable origin, and being enriched with organic shea butter they leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. And did you know, the fatty acids that are in shea butter, help with renewal and regeneration of epidermis and stimulate activity of cells to fight aging...

We could go on about these soaps, but try them for yourselves and remember there is no plastic in a bar of soap, unlike your shower gels....

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