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The colours of the rainbow!

So recently whilst walking my shadow - no I've not gone mad, of course everyone walks with a shadow, but this also happens to be the name of my dog! - I spotted a got me thinking about the colours of the fabulous Savon de Marseille soaps we offer; and yes we do have all of the colours of the rainbow!

Red - Vinge Rouge, Grenade

Orange - Orange!

Yellow - Citron

Green - Verveine, Menthe, etc

Blue - Marine

Indigo - Bois de Santal (Sandalwood), Patchouli

Violet - Lavender, Lilac

So, if you're deciding which of the many fragrances to choose, why no go by colour?

It could be your favourite top, the colour of your bathroom, your football team or even your eyes!

Or you may just want to line them up in the colour of a rainbow....

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