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Lockdown Pt II

So, we've been speaking to the various market managers that we work with about being able to trade but it seems many are reluctant because of the guidance from the various local councils. For the time being we are therefore concentrating on our on line sales.

However, we are in Sturminster Marshall - on the High Street - on Friday, Saturday and Sundays serving delicious coffees, teas and hot chocolate from The Tin Snail with our soaps also available!

We have added to our product line and are now pleased to offer:

- Shampoo bars - £6.5

- Laundry Bars (natural and Terre de Sommieres) - £4.5

- Sisal exfoliating bags - perfect for keeping your soap in - £3

- Hearts (Elgantine and Coconut) - £3

- Soaps on Roaps ( Fleur de Coton, Lavender, Lemon and Rose) - £5.5

- Tranche (slice on a cord) (Olive Oil) - £3.5

- Galets (Charcoal) - £4.5

If these aren't on the main shop page when you go to order please drop us an email with which items you'd like and we shall make the necessary arrangements.

Please do drop us a line with any comments and suggestions and stay safe!

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