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Lockdown III

So here we go again.....I suppose everyone is a but used to it all now, but as my 18 year old son wisely stated "Its lost its novelty now". Indeed, we're all worn down by the continual do this, don't do that messages, But there's little we can do!

One thing we do need to continue to do is wash our hands - and indeed all parts of our bodies! So in these difficult times why not treat yourself to some of the best soaps available.

Savon de Marseille soap is triple milled with organic shea butter and has excellent moisturising properties. the fragrances are divine and the bars actually last and don't crumble!

It's worth treating yourself, or indeed someone else!

We send - or hand deliver - our soaps individually wrapped and we can even choose a selection for you! Just email us to ask our advice.

Once again we are offering free delivery, or collection, in the Sherborne and Wimborne areas on all orders over £10.

We're continually adding new varieties and now have Violet and Magnolia, as well as Marine, Mistral and Orange Flower.

Any questions or comments are always welcome -

Stay safe!

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